Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Started

Let me start off this blog by posting up some recent illustrations.

What am I currently up to? Well I've begun working with some friends on developing a video game, which the working title is as of now, "Muta". Its a quirky little survival horror game that we've come up that when some decent development gets made, should be a bit of a breath of fresh air to the genre. We've come up with a concept that, while not totally original, is a great amalgamation of different game mechanics that should work to give players something new.

As practice for this, since I'm doing the concept art and storyboards for our cutscenes, I've been working with a buddy doing character designs (he is going to be constructing 3d models from them). The first one we'll be doing is my current D&D character. I'll have the sketches for said character posted up within the next few days.